Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorneys in Southern California

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In California, domestic violence and spousal abuse offenses are treated with the utmost severity, and at Divorce Authority, we share this concern. We recognize the critical nature of your situation and are committed to providing the support and guidance you need. Our Certified Family Law Specialists possess the unique qualifications to offer prompt, assertive, and effective legal counsel to safeguard you and your children.

Protection from Domestic Violence

When dealing with domestic violence cases, our team of legal professionals can guide you through the necessary legal processes to shield yourself and your children. Domestic violence can be both a cause and a consequence of divorce. If your spouse has a history of abuse, the risk may be even greater when you decide to leave. Fortunately, our team has the knowledge, empathy, and efficiency needed to help you safely exit an abusive relationship. From restraining orders to emergency custody orders, we will do everything within our power to ensure the protection of you and your children.

Domestic violence includes acts such as:

Domestic violence can manifest in various forms and applies to relationships between spouses, roommates, family members, or parents of a shared child. It is essential to identify domestic abuse to get the help you need.

Domestic violence includes acts such as:

  • Inflicting or attempting to inflict physical harm
  • Committing sexual assault
  • Threatening, harassing, or stalking
  • Destroying personal property

Domestic Violence and Custody

If you believe your children's well-being is at risk, your first instinct might be to remove them from the situation. However, it is crucial to take the appropriate legal steps, such as requesting an emergency protective order, to avoid potential consequences. This order grants you temporary custody, pending a court-ordered custody arrangement. While it may seem unusual, a violent parent might still be granted visitation rights. If you are concerned about your or your children's safety during visitation, you can request supervised visitation, either by yourself or a court-appointed supervisor. Additionally, it is recommended that these visits take place in a highly public area.

Emergency Protective Orders

If you fear for your or your children's safety, the first step is to seek an emergency protective order. You can obtain one by contacting your local law enforcement office. Emergency protective orders place a temporary restraining order on your abuser, legally requiring them to maintain a distance. These orders are temporary, lasting only long enough for you to file a domestic violence restraining order, which will offer permanent legal protection.